Annika Fiore – ‘Forbidden Love’

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Here is the debut solo single from Annika Fiore, former member of Alcazar, and last year’s Avatar vs Eve project. It’s the official anthem for this year’s Copenhagen Pride festival and is about as insane as you’d want the debut solo release from her to be – musically, lyrically, and vocally!

Musically it’s a cross between Bjork and Ace of Base. Yes, really! Clunky and sparse industrial beats placed over a reggae pop backing. As the title suggests, it’s about the pleasure of a love that’s otherwise perceived as wrong or shameful – no prizes for guessing the subtext there. And vocally she goes through patches of belting it out, whispering it seductively, and then breaking down into what sounds like half nervous exhaustion, half orgasm!

We haven’t made up our minds about it yet, but we like it enough to give it a few more listens. And of course, Annika Fiore herself is obviously and unquestionably amazing in every single way. The video shall be online later today apparently. We imagine it’s a treat and a half!

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