Finally, she gets it out!

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Back in November, we wrote ( about a new artist called Gathania. We instantly fell in love with her first song ‘Blackout’ – a brainchild of uber producer Jonas Von Der Burg, and as result, we nominated her for the ‘Brightest New Hope of 2009’ award at the scandipop awards earlier this year. Well, as it turns out, ‘Blackout’ won’t be her first single. That’s quite a disappointment given the calibre of the track and its obvious hit potential. Instead, her debut release will be ‘Get It Out’, released in Sweden on February 11th. But now that we’ve heard ‘Get It Out’, we can understand why!!!


We admit that the September comparisons are easy and predictable, given that she has the same producer – but they’re just so apparent!!! ‘Get It Out’ sounds like it could be lifted from September’s third and most recent album ‘Dancing Shoes’. Which is no bad thing. At all! Our favourite bit is the middle eight which is split into two parts; a series of piano tinkles, and then a succession of lyric repetition. The song veers more towards dance than pop, whereas ‘Blackout’ was the other way around. But it follows the same formula; a subtle and subdued opening verse followed by an explosive chorus. Mr Von Der Burg quite rightly follows the mantra of ‘’if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’’!


Apologies, but there is nowhere as yet for you to listen to it legally online. But there’s a ‘making of’ feature on youtube that goes behind the scenes at the filming of the video, and you can hear the song in the background.

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