Agnes – ‘I Need You Now’ – The UK Edit

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Here it is!

The original is a great track in its own right, but this remix is even better. Those strings really are something special aren’t they? They were our favourite element in the album version, and give a hefty contribution towards making the UK edit sound so good. When we announced two weeks back that ‘I Need You Now’ was to be the follow up to ‘Release Me’, a lot of fans, both casual and obsessive, instantly wrote it off as a flop, and all but said goodbye to Agnes‘ UK career. Who knows if the pessimists will be converted by this new version, but we reckon that it’s going to be a hit! Of course it probably won’t be the monster hit that ‘Release Me’ was, but to date only TWENTY songs released for sale in the UK in 2009 have sold as much as that did! And to our ears, ‘I Need You Now’ sounds like the perfect follow up to such a legend!

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