Eric Saade – ‘Sleepless’

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One of the songs we’re most looking forward to hearing in next year’s Melodifestivalen is ‘Manboy’ by Eric Saade. Not because of the ridiculous title, but because it’s composed by Fredrik Kempe and Peter Boström. Fredrik has previously been involved in the composition of (amongst many others) ‘Hero’ by Charlotte Perrelli, ‘La Voix’ by Malena Ernman, ‘Moving On’ by Sarah Dawn Finer, and ‘Cara Mia’ by Mans Zelmerlow. In fact, we’re actually expecting Eric to be for 2010 what Mans was for Melodifestivalen 2007, when he competed with Fredrik’s ‘Cara Mia’. Peter meanwhile has composed songs for Charlotte Perrelli, Carola, Mans Zelmerlow, Elin Lanto, and Da Buzz. It’s going to be a match made in scandipop heaven. We can just TELL! And are brimming with excitement already.

Today however, Eric has treated the world to a first taste of the great music that he can produce with that dream songwriting duo. Because he’s released his debut single ‘Sleepless’. We say ‘the world’ rather than simply ‘Sweden’, because he’s released the single on iTunes all over the world, not just in his home country. The label is Roxy Recordings, who have previously done the honourable thing by releasing singles and albums by Malena Ernman, Agnes, and Sarah Dawn Finer on iTunes all around the world, so that international fans can obtain the music without having to illegally download it. We purchased the single tonight, and really REALLY like it.

It’s composed by Fredrik and Peter, just as ‘Manboy’ is. And it sounds like schlager injected pop music. It’s got a Lena Philipsson style intro, an Alcazar-esque backing track, and a chorus that’s reminiscent of Mans Zelmerlow. And it’s got a moment at the end where you think it’s all dropped out into an ending….only for the chorus to come back in one more time in full force. It’s a great little pop track. We’re not entirely sure which countries it’s been released in, but have a look at your iTunes and take a listen to the 30 second sample if it’s there. We don’t think that any fans of the sort of music on this website will be disappointed if they buy ‘Sleepless’!

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