Eric Saade at Allsång På Skansen!

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‘Twas Allsång På Skansen last night in Stockholm. We went along early to meet Eric Saade backstage for an interview (which will be published on here tomorrow night) and to see the show of course. Although Eric aside, the line up wasn’t exactly stellar. We were a little excited about seeing Dansband, The Playtones. But they ended up performing a cover of Alexander Rybak’s ‘Fairytale’ – a song that we grew tired of around 15 months ago! Also on the bill were The Ten Tenors (literally ten tenors!) singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, and Marie Bergman. But despite the unexciting line up, and the fact that it poured with rain, it was still an enjoyable evening. Which is a testament to how much fun Allsång På Skansen really is. It’s just such a pleasure being there amongst all those people who are in their element being out watching live music and singing along. And in last night’s case, at some points also swaying and dancing along in time!

Eric performed ‘Manboy’ for the televised segment, and then ‘Break Of Dawn’ for the webcast afterwards. You can watch both performances below, and also see how wet it was too. Although we suppose that half of the tradition of watching these summer festival performances is seeing rows of seated Swedes, all wearing plastic protective clothing, but smiling nonetheless!

The interview with Eric went very well, and he even initiated a hug afterwards which is always nice! In the interview, we spoke about the insane six months he’s had, his international plans, the next singles from the album, and his relationship with Molly Sanden.

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