Lucky Twice: some good news and some bad news…

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Do you remember we wrote about THE RETURN OF LUCKY TWICE a while back? Probably not, as that was back in September 2009. We announced that they were coming back with ‘Love Song’, the first single from their second album, and gave a brief review of its splendidness.

In the end, its release was delayed, and fans were left with nothing more to cling to than a low quality clip which surfaced online almost a year later.


Low and behold, a video for the single has appeared online, and you can now listen to the joyously poptastic effort in full, glorious HQ. And listen to it you must! We hadn’t listened to it in a while, so hearing it again today has been like a reawakening of sorts – if the reawakening in question was caused by someone shining a technicolour pop light into your eyes. If you’ve known and loved Lucky Twice before, then you’ll love this. And if you haven’t, then you’ll probably love this anyway. The video features the two girls, Hannah Reynold and Emelie Schytz, frolicking in front of a computer generated virtual galaxy of bright lights. The epitome of bubblegum pop fun.

Unfortunately, along with the good news of this track finally surfacing properly, we also bring some bad news. The group officially split last year and are no more. Both Hannah and Emelie are both still working on music though, so we may see more from them in the future. We can only dream that it’ll be anywhere near as amazing as what they gave us as Lucky Twice though. Still, the final ‘Love Song’ track and video is a swansong like no other, and a jolly nice memento to be left with from them.

Enjoy. It’s what they would have wanted!

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