Eric Amarillo: ‘Om Sanningen Ska Fram’

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We love it – Swedish language dance anthems are taking over Sweden this Spring (who’d have guessed, eh?!). First Supermarkets and their ‘Du Säger Du Älskar Mig’, and now Eric Amarillo is getting radio stations and their listenerage in a right tizzy too, with ‘Om Sanningen Ska Fram’. It’s been getting quite a lot of attention over the last few weeks, and is fancied by many to be quite the huge smash in 2011.

For those that weren’t aware, Eric Amarillo is one half of legendary Swedish dance duo, The Attic. ‘Om Sanningen Ska Fram’ doesn’t actually sound anything like The Attic, but is a mega catchy dance tune in its own right. The melody is repetitive, in a good way. And easily gets itself lodged inside your head. The production on it is big on the synths, and has all the credentials of a big ‘club banger’. The best bit though is halfway through, when the vocal is switched off and it all goes a bit bell crazy.

Behold, the radio rip;

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