Introducing………….Alex Saidac!

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New Swedish dance/electro/pop diva alert! Everybody meet Alex Saidac.

She’s a DJ first and foremost, but is now working on her debut album. What’s more, she’s working on it with the dream production team of Oskar Holter and Jakob Erixson. Plus, she’s signed to Alexander Bard’s record label, SoFo Records. And as if that wasn’t enough to get us hot, bothered, excited, and in anticipation – well then we went and heard her debut single, ‘We Shine’.

It’s a filthy, relentless, bass heavy binge of electro verses, a pure pop chorus, and a genius middle eight that sounds like a video game being played over club speakers that are otherwise trying to blare out something from the new Rihanna album! But it’s mostly the chorus that we’re loving. ‘Tis an anthem of the best sort. Arms aloft, head rocking from side to side, and serotonin levels pumping at a pleasingly high rate.

On the strength of one song alone, we’re very very excited about this girl. The first great Scandinavian pop discovery of 2011 perhaps?

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