What’s this? Swedish artist Felicia Takman burst onto the scene only months ago with the brilliant debut single ‘Ditt Problem’. Now she’s out with her first EP – ‘Hatar Att Förlora’.
Hatar Att Förlora? Hate To Lose.
What’s on it? The aforementioned ‘Ditt Problem‘, the equally as ph’nom recent single ‘Dunka Dumma Hjärta Dunka‘, the single that happened in between those two but which we weren’t that crazy about ‘Du Vann’, PLUS two brand-new songs.
What are the new songs like? We’ve got a gorgeous synthpop duet with Hemliga Klubben, and then the title track which sounds like the more chilled, late-night sonic sister to her most recent single.
Final verdict? Without a doubt one of the best new artists to have come out of Sweden this year.

You can find ‘Dunka Dumma Hjärta Dunka’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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