Elliphant: ‘Revolusion’

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Swedish sonic visionary (does that make sense?!….if it doesn’t, she’ll probably make it make sense before this year is out) Elliphant is gearing up for the release of her new EP ‘Look Like You Love It’. And by gearing up, we mean putting out a song to get us suitably excited about its release on April 1st. That song is ‘Revolusion’ (the song title of a sonic visionary, yes?!), and you can listen to it below.

In short – it’s nuts. Just over three minutes of tribal electro that turns into a rave-up and features her growling vox over the top of it. She’s even gone to the bother of shoehorning some sirens into the mix. And for that we can only salute her even more. We were late to the Elliphant love (medley) party, but we were very quick to catch up and see that she’s an awesome woman who is making “pop” music a better place in 2014.

The revolusionary ‘Revolusion’;


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