Ola: ‘Jackie Kennedy’ (the video!)

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OlaJKV e1381345190930

Ola has today made the video for his latest Italian single available to watch outside of Italy. Cheers for that Ola.

We’ve already trilled of the virtues of the song itself, but what about the vid?

WELL. The video itself is mostly a compilation video of behind the scenes clips from Ola out on the road and just generally dicking about. And there’s a few cameo appearances from slebs. But really and truly it’s ALL about the clips of him dressing up as none other than Jackie Kennedy herself. Yes – Ola Svensson from Lund, finds himself in Italia, dragged up as a glamorous lady. And those close up shots of him all furtive glances through smokey eye make-up are unexpectedly believable. He doesn’t look like a man in a dress. He looks like a woman. Who knew?!



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