Magnus Carlsson: ‘Oslagbar’


Earlier this summer Magnus Carlsson returned with the almighty schlager offering ‘Glorious‘. Like a beacon in a dark wasteland of DULL, he came forth with a song that harked back to the glory days of schlager. In a time when no one else is daring to (well – aside from the Germans and the Dutch, but that’s another story for another website).

Last weekend, he was still soldiering on and fighting for the cause. Appearing on Sunday night Swedish TV (camper than Downton Abbey) to perform the Swedish language version of ‘Glorious’ – ‘Oslagbar’, to a backdrop of disco balls. That’s dedication for you. Spreading the gospel of schlager on the Lord’s day.

We love you for doing this Magnus. One word of advice though – the uniform we wear on the battle lines of schlager is not, has never been, and will not ever be jeans and a t-shirt. Scrub up, squire!

‘Oslagbar’ is out now on iTunes, and has been released outside of Sweden too. As is ‘Glorious’.



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