Eclipse: ‘Never Give Up’

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Those of you who like your boys to be men – and Scandinavian – will be pleased to meet the latest music stylings from Anders Bagge. It’s a boyband! Or rather, a Scandinavian manband!

They’re like the Nordic version of Il Divo – two Norwegians and a Swede who now make up Eclipse. Their self titled album has just been released, and it’s a half classical and half easy-listening romp of big vocals backed by bigger orchestration. We’ve found our highlight amongst all of that though – the Anders Bagge co-composed song ‘Never Give Up’.

You can listen to ‘Never Give Up’ in full at their Facebook page here.

We’re a little bit in love with this song. Melodically it’s pretty much what you’d expect from this kind of thing. It’s got an instant beauty to it. It’s very safe of course, but then isn’t that what you want when you peer upon those three gents pictured above?! Three gents who deliver this melody with a almighty threesome of pipes between them. And then all of this is lifted by the lush orchestral arrangement that is the song’s music.

The highlight of the song though, is the final chorus. It commences things with a key change, receives a vigorous lashing by the vocals of the boys (sorry, MEN), and then gets thrust into an exciting climax with the aid of some lengthy and large strings. Bliss!

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