Swedish dancepop singer Daniela releases a brand new single soon – the really quite fantastic ‘Breathe Again’.

Earlier this year she released her career high of a single, ‘Bacia Me‘, in southern Europe in collaboration with Victor Ark. And now she’s even managed to better that dancepop masterpiece with her new single (another dancepop masterpiece, as it happens) ‘Breathe Again’.

‘Breathe Again’ has been composed by Daniela herself, along with the pairing of two of our all time favourite Scandipop songwriters and producers – Niclas Kings and Jonas von der Burg. This is the first time that these two have ever worked together. The result of this was pretty much guaranteed to be amazing, but we’re still delighted and quite frankly AGOG at just how amazing it turned out to be.

It sounds like something of a cross between Niclas Kings’ best work for Kate Ryan, and Jonas von der Burg’s best work for September. But of course sounding a little more modern and fresh than both. It’s a dancepop production with a soaring pop chorus. And as well as it being Daniela’s best single to date in our opinion, we also think that she’s sounding better vocally than she ever has, also. Winning.

The song had its radio premiere yesterday morning on P3. And you can listen over at P3’s website here. Just click on “lyssna med musik” and and skip to the 01:29:52 mark.



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