Amanda Fondell: ‘Keep The Love’

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So. Last month we wrote about a new single from Amanda Fondell. ‘You Better Give Up Now’. Turns out that this is just the new single in Germany. With the video since been TORN down from every online video platform aside from So that only Germans can watch it. Cos that makes so much sense in 2014, doesn’t it? Tits.

Fast forward one month, and we’re allowed to listen to what is the new Amanda Fondell single outside of Germany. It’s called ‘Keep The Love’. And actually, it turns out that ‘Keep The Love’ is even better than ‘You Better Give Up Now’. So our lament for the latter has been quite short lived. Still though, the utter tits.

‘Keep The Love’ veers dangerously yet obviously amazingly close to ‘Bastard’ as being Amanda Fondell’s best single yet. So that’s a cause for celebration. We think it’s the stonkingly epic melody that is doing it most for us. Though it may also be the airy synth production. And you can never count out Amanda’s inimitable vocals. Really though, it’s probably the chorus that wins the day for us here. It’s tremendously BIG. Honestly – listen to that chorus;

‘Keep The Love’ is written by Amanda herself, along with Linnea Deb and BPM (a producer calling himself the acronym for beats per minute – he/she was always gonna be amazing really).

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