Don’t mind doing it for the kids…

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000 41521310We’ve been keeping one eye on Swedish kids TV show, Den Flygande Mattan recently. Not because we have small brains that can only cope with television that’s been tailored for pre-teens, but rather because we just love a good old schlager performance, even if we’ve already seen it performed live a hundred times before. Actually, perhaps the two are more connected than we thought….

Anyway, this Den Flygande Mattan set-up draws us in every week because each Saturday they have a schlager artist guesting. The artist will always sing one traditional Swedish song with the children in the studio, and then one of their schlager hits, which the kids also join in on. Recently they’ve had Timoteij, Nanne, and Amy Diamond, and this weekend Alcazar performed. And we can’t stress how amazingly ridiculous it is to see young mites join in with the words to ‘Stay The Night’, if not every so slightly inappropriate!

Best of all, the lyrics come up on screen, so you can sing-along too!


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