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Last week in Stockholm, we had the inimatable pleasure of seeing Gravitonas perform live for the second time. To promote their second EP, ‘The Colliseum EP’, which is released digitally worldwide on Wednesday, they did a short show for fans and press, which tied in with an event that were hosting.

Before that, we’d only ever seen them live once. And even though that first time, they’d only done two songs, it was more than enough for us to realise that we witnessing something quite special on stage. Andreas Öhrn is such a fantastic front man, combining old fashioned rock star swagger, with modern day electro-pop menace! It’s difficult to take your eyes off him when he’s doing his thing. And it was more of the same on Thursday night. They did four songs this time; ‘Shameless’, ‘Kites’, ‘Religious’, and new single ‘You Break Me Up’. And once again, Andreas totally owned the stage – no small feat when you have the one and only Alexander Bard behind you dressed in ecclesiastical clobber! A full live show from these guys, when it eventually happens, is going to be spectacular.

New single ‘You Break Me Up’ is the group’s first ballad. But as you would expect from their previous output, it’s not subtle! It’s an epically produced anthem of heartbreak and sorrow, delivered with believable emotion from Andreas.

At the event, they also premiered the video to ‘You Break Me Up’, which will be made available online at some point next week. And yes, it’s a continuation of the paranormal, the religious, and the twisted menace of their previous videos! In fact, possibly their most ‘out-there’ yet – which is saying something by Gravitonas standards. It begins with Alexander leading a funeral procession dressed as a catholic priest complete with rosary beads. The funeral is for Andreas, who lies awake in the coffin. We then see him buried alive, only for him to rise up again later, appearing as a Father Earth figure with white robes and a sort of halo made out of bits of forest nature! This is being brought about by Alexander who is dressed as a witchlike character. It’s all very odd, but in a good way. Visually, it’s fantastic!

Below are some photo’s from Thursday’s event, courtesy of

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