Antoinette Kristensen: ‘Crush On The DJ’

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We stumbled upon a brand new obsession today. This one hails from Norway, has been a star of their ‘Norwegian Hollywood Wives’ tv show, and does cheesy and cheery pop music with fabulous videos. In other words, she was practically designed for us!

Meet Antoinette Kristensen!

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Her latest single is called ‘Crush On The DJ’, and as the title suggests, is an ode to being in a club and flirting suggestively with the gentleman behind the decks. It’s dancey, the chorus is catchy, but the most amazing thing about this little treat, is the key change. Perhaps knowing the song’s target audience all too well, its producers not only included a key change, but stretched, extended, and pulled it for as long as they could to cause maximum impact. Which of course it does. We cannot recommend enough that you listen to the song and watch the video below. There are four key points in the video;

  • 00:16 – the first shot of the most incredible item of head gear we’ve ever seen in a pop video
  • 00:32 – Antoinette snatching a drink off a random man as she walks past him singing the lyric ”oh I need a drink’
  • 02:45 – the start of THAT key change
  • 03:40 – Antoinette walks down the street listening to her own song on her iPod, and starts singing and dancing along to it

That never happens to us when we DJ. 🙁

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