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Helena Paparizou was interviewed in Greece this week before a live concert she was taking part in. And when asked if she’d ever compete in Eurovision again, she said she’d never enter for Greece again but would enter for Sweden! Helena is half Greek, half Swedish but has twice represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest – in 2005 she won the contest with ‘My Number One’, and in 2001 she entered as part of the duo Antique, and came third with ‘Die For You’.

Both Helena and Antique have enjoyed massive success in Sweden over the years, notching up plenty of hit singles and albums between them. Having Helena enter Melodifestivalen would be a massive coupe for them, and she would surely be one of the favourites to win, whatever the song. In fact, it’s been rumoured that there is a Greek/ethnic song accepted to Melodifestivalen every year, in the hope that Helena Paparizou will come on board and sing it (it’s the songs that are submitted to Melodifestivalen at first, the performers are often chosen after the songs have been accepted). So ‘Alla’ from this year’s competition could well have been sung by Helena!

We can’t imagine that Helena would enter Melodifestivalen in the near future, but we’ve always thought that she would do so at some stage. Perhaps the next time she has a new album to promote, she’ll launch it through Melodifestivalen, which is what the vast majority of competitors use Melodifestivalen for anyway – winning and thus competing in Eurovision is really an afterthought.

One stipulation we’d like to make though – she needs to stop it with the rock music phase and go back to making pure pop music like ‘Mambo’, ‘The Game Of Love’, and ‘The Light In Our Soul’ (all on youtube and well worth checking out!).

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