Rebecca & Fiona: ‘If She Way Away’ & ‘Hard’

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Rebecca & Fiona have returned with a brand new single, an old fashioned double a-side, in fact! ‘If She Way Away’ and ‘Hard’.

After the release of the fantastic ‘Bullets’ a few months back, the infamous (in Sweden anyway) DJ’s and bloggers latest foray into pop music is ‘If She Way Away’, and it’s another retro indie inspired dance track.┬áDespite the purposefully distant and affectedly nonchalant vocals from the girls, the song leaves you with a catchy hook stuck in your head by the end. And the sixties beat blends fabulously with the 2011 electronica sound, for an interesting and enjoyable listen.

Even better than that though, is the song’s second a-side – ‘Hard’. It’s a head fuck that’s come to get you all the way from the 90’s. It sounds like Ace of Base got lost on a UK motorway on their way to a gig in 1993, somehow ended up in a field at an illegal rave, and then decided to get trashed and join in the fun! It’s fab.

‘If She Was Away’ is the lucky favourite sibling of the two though, and has been given its own pop vid. You can watch it below, and then have a listen to ‘Hard’, and probably wonder where we got that Ace of Base analogy from.

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