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FINALLY! We get to hear the debut solo single from Ace of Base’s Jenny Berggren. She left the group late last year amidst rumours that the record label wanted a younger lady to join the group and share the lead vocals with Jenny. Now two new girls have joined Ace of Base, except they haven’t officially joined Ace of Base. Officially, they’ve created a new group along with the two guys from Ace of Base, and we’ll hear new music from them very soon.

Back to Jenny though. She’s been working on her solo music for quite some time, and has, as you’d expect, really stepped it up a gear since leaving the group. And this week, she finally sent the first single to Swedish radio. And it’s a very VERY pleasant surprise. We’ve always loved Ace of Base, but Jenny has always given the impression that her real musical passion is gospel and religious music. So we were fully expecting her to come out with a not-very-pop christian music record. That’s no disrepect to the genre or to Jenny herself, it’s just not the type of music we like, and it’s not the sort of music we want the lead singer of one of our favourite groups of all time to be doing when she finally breaks out on her own.

We needn’t have worried though, beause Jenny has produced an utterly poptastic debut single. It’s called ‘Here I Am’, and even though she would probably hate us for saying this, it sounds exactly like we’d want a new Ace of Base song to sound! It’s got that irresistable pop hook that they always made so well. Not instantly catchy, but just oh so clever in its formation. It’s uptempo, it’s jovial, it’s got a bit of a subtly pulsating back beat to it, and it’s got a massive chorus, which is the best feature of the song. Plus the lyrics are quite special too.

But most of all, it’s absolutely great to hear Jenny’s voice back on record again. We can’t wait for the album.

You can listen to it here.

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