Cristal Clear

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The electro pop Prince from Finland is back with a new single, ‘Killing Me’. Like all good pop songs, it contains a huge chorus and a few synth explosions sprinkled throughout. Said synth spazz-outs are the best parts of the song, and take pride of place during each bridge and the middle eight, and provide an anthemic backing for the chorus.

As with all Cristal Snow singles (we would highly recommend you do a search and investigate on youtube), it’s made all the more enjoyable with the accompanying video. ‘Killing Me’ is both stylish and sinister, a theme that seems to run through all of his videos. It begins with Sir Snow marching purposefully through a road tunnel in the dead of night. He’s wearing a coat of flames, before taking it off and throwing it to the ground. Halfway through the vid, he stops, turns around, and walks back in the other direction. We then see him take a photo of something on his phone. Cut to a bar, and a random stranger is seen reading the picture message he’s just recieved. And it’s from there that the horrific meaning of the video sinks in! It’s absolutely brilliant! Oh, and look out for the shockingly effective cool imagery that goes along with the ”on my lips, I taste your last breath” lyric in the 2nd verse!

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