The Almighty Agnes has extended her comeback glory moment even further this week, by giving the first Swedish TV performance of her latest single ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’. And in fact, her first Swedish TV performance in quite some time.

So what measures does the High Priestess of Hymn take to ensure that the performance goes off with a BANG?! Well, the hair is pimped up to maximum volume, and the styling brief for her outfit is something along the lines of Goddess in a corset. And with her brand new Disco Queen image she struts from side to side and from level to level on that stage which she owns.

Although really, what impressed us the most was of course the audio. Not just the ever reliable powerhouse vocals of the lady herself, but the strings that really and truly came alive during the last chorus of the song and the outro.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done;

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