New music from Belle!

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Hooray! We’ve been waiting for ages to say that!

Swedish poppet Belle has got a new single coming out next month. It’s called ‘The Show’ and it’s more than just a pop song. It’s a whole themed aural concept! There’s a storytelling intro, old fashioned circus music, and crowd noises in the middle eight. And of course there’s an actual song too. The lyrics have Belle proclaiming her diversity and versatility, telling the listener that she’s there to perform for you, and can be any kind of entertainer that you wish. We love it because it’s an obvious tribute to the Cheiron production house. Belle herself says that it was influenced by them, as she was a big fan of their work with Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys in the late 90’s. It was written and produced by Niklas Petersson (who’s worked with Velvet and Popkidz), Linda Sonnvik (Caracola and Wonderland), and Jonas Liberg (Charlotte Perrelli). You can really hear the Cheiron sound and it’s such a nice throwback. It manages to sound retro without being dated.

m ce4c3014100d4f0e96b6312c941b4e0eBelle was the winner of the ‘Brightest New Hope for 2009’ award at the scandipop 2009 awards. We still love her debut single ‘Mister Mister’ and have been impatiently waiting for a follow up. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before we hear even more from her. The single is released worldwide via iTunes on July 12th, but it is already available in some countries via Amazon and Rhapsody (including the US). You can hear ‘The Show’ in full at her myspace,

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