Coming Out To Play Again!

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PlayinaroundthechristmastreeThere’s a new electropop dolly hailing from Scandinavia. A bit poppier than Robyn, she more comparable with Margaret Berger. It’s Rosanna (she’s dropped the unfortunate surname – Munter)! Before we get to the music though, we should mention another quite impressive string to her bow. She’s a girlband graduate! And from Play at that! Yes, before she started trilling along to a socially acceptable backing track, she could be seen writhing around on a bed looking coy and singing (the quite phenomenal) ‘I Must Not Chase The Boys’. Play were at their best when releasing their original material but went through a phase of releasing cover versions of pop songs that had already become hits around the rest of the world, including Atomic Kitten’s ‘Whole Again’. They did rather well for themselves though, releasing five albums in the US (two of them making the top 75), one of them a comedy Christmas album, pictured above!


m d9520f31ee064a15b86c4df5add3ff20Back to Rosanna though, you can listen to her music here; Personally, we don’t yet fully appreciate ‘Flashing Lights’ or ‘Heartattack’, but we absolutely adore the ever so catchy ‘Gameboy’. And the other two are probably growers, and it’s early days. In any case, ‘Gameboy’ is good enough reason to get excited about an album. Although we may be waiting for a while because as yet she’s unsigned. ‘Gameboy’ starts off with a drum roll and then becomes a Blondie-esque glam disco electro ‘romp’. The chorus is as satisfyingly saccharine as you’d expect from a singer that’s compared to Margaret Berger, and uses repetition to catchy effect. Vocally, it’s a short song, but there’s an extended instrumental outro which is always nice.


EDIT: The other two songs have already grown on us. There you go.

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