A slight Alex Saidac update…

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181931 180771435299777 173832585993662 376831 888556 nOk, so Alex Saidac is basically our favourite new artist of 2011, but it’s been an AGE since we last wrote about her. Just because things are all still very much in the early stages right now.

However, her label SoFo Records today uploaded a video to youtube, that gives a little bit more insight into her, while we wait for her proper launch to happen. Plus you can see some clips from the video to her debut single, ‘We Shine’, which will be released soon. AND you can hear some of a brand new track from her too.

Also, FYI, the building she walks into during the first ten seconds of the video, is the head quarters of the legendary Lionheart, and now SoFo Records too.


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