Can’t Stop The Beat!

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Here’s the new bundle of joy video from Alphabeat, to accompany their new single ‘Heat Wave’.

If you’re a fan of the group, then it’s the perfect video. It’s a showcase of them doing what they do best, and what they’re most loved for by their fans – having an absolute ball on stage whilst they perform their music. From the outside, it probably looks like an uncertain time to either be Alphabeat, or to be a fan of Alphabeat. The huge spike of international popularity they had with their first album has dwindled entirely. That’s not to say that they aren’t still popular though. They’re still big in their native Denmark, and they do have a loyal following outside of that too. But it does seem that they’re now back at the same stage they were before ‘Fascination’s huge success. They’re a band who’ve made it, had a break through, and then come home again. To many other artists, that might have a detrimental effect on the future of their music. But we hope that this won’t be the case with Alphabeat. And actually, we doubt it will be. Part of the reason they’re so loved is that they so clearly enjoy what they do – infectiously so. As the advert at the end of the video indicates, there is a Danish tour continuing throughout the year. And hopefully it won’t be too long before we get a new album from them too – even if it is confined to Danish record stores.

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