Swedish boy/girl dance/pop duos are all the rage/trend at the moment/just now. In the space of a week we’ve already written about SOJO and Smith & Thell, and now here comes a third – Glorious Inc, or Tommy Söderman and Veronika Färestål as they’re known to their loved ones.

Some of you might well already be familiar with Glorious Inc, since they’ve wasted no time in getting themselves out there, and have already released their debut single ‘Dance Or Die’ last week. Their impatience has paid off – as ‘Dance Or Die’ managed to shoot into the top 20 of the Swedish iTunes chart within a couple of days, with barely any promotion, other than what the pair had been rustling up themselves. Although a quick listen to the song goes some way towards explaining why it’s performed the way it has. It effing rules!

Tommy from the band tells us that they draw their inspiration from the Korean pop scene. But with ‘Dance Or Die’ we’re hearing straight up Eurodance – and we’re loving it all the more for it. It does that AMAZING thing that doesn’t happen nearly enough in dance or pop music for our liking – it starts off as a piano ballad! Then the hard electro beats come in, and it launches straight into the rapturously large chorus, rather than making the listener wait around with a mere verse. Also, in keeping with 2011, they’ve gone and put in a dubstep break down for the song’s middle eight. How very ‘Hold It Against Me’! And how very pleasing.

Here it is, all laid out for you;

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