Raiding The Attic

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Oops, we still haven’t done that track by track review of the incredible new Danny album that it so deserves! For now though we thought we’d let you know that the second single to be released from ‘Set Your Body Free’ is going to be ‘All On You’. We can’t say it’s one of the better tracks from the album because, quite frankly, 90% of them are of equal staggeringly good quality, but it’s definitely in that top 90%! It was composed by M Feiner and E Amarillo, aka The Attic. And you can definitely tell straight away that it’s a production from those guys – it wouldn’t sound out of place on one of their own albums. We really hope that these guys work together again soon – perhaps Danny could feature on a track on the new album from The Attic? For now though, Danny’s label has decided that ‘All On You’ is the most suitable second single – they’re obviously hoping to match the success of its predecessor, ‘Radio’, which spent two weeks at number one in Sweden at the end of last year.

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