Björn Skifs & Agnes: ‘When You Tell The World You’re Mine’

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The marvellous menu of music that’s been served up in Stockholm over the last few weeks as a result of this royal wedding, culminated today (at the actual wedding funnily enough) with a song that’s been composed especially for the occasion. Yes, there have been quite a lot of tunes produced especially for this, but ‘When You Tell The World You’re Mine’ was the big one. This was the one that was going to be sung at the actual wedding ceremony, to an audience of many millions. And this was the one performed by two generations of huge Swedish stars. Björn Skifs is the legend of yesteryear in Sweden, and Agnes is the artist that’s achieved GLOBAL success over the last two years with the now classic ‘Release Me’.

The song itself is a beauty. A traditional ballad, a timeless love song, with simplistic lyrics that spell out how in love two people are. It was a beautiful moment watching this live on a big screen in Stockholm whilst the wedding was taking place. There are plenty of shots of Princess Victoria and the now Prince Daniel. And even watching it back again now is quite special. There’s an ACTUAL REAL LIFE PRINCESS throughout the video at her ACTUAL WEDDING TO HER ACTUAL PRINCE!

This is must-see viewing!

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