The return of Alda!

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Does everyone remember 90’s Icelandic superstar Alda?! We should hope so. Her two hits ‘Real Good Time’ and ‘Girls Night Out’ deserve to forever be remembered in a certain kind of pop music’s hall of fame. As does the lady herself. And that hair. That spectacular, awe inspiring hair! For those of you who are a bit hazy on your Alda knowledge, have a read of this write-up we did about her back in September 09.

Well, here’s the news we’ve ALL been waiting for since she disappeared from our charts and from our hearts 12 years ago – SHE’S BACK!

She releases ‘The Boobie Song’ (yes, really) in the UK on December 13th. It’s a song celebrating all that is great about breasts. And in it, Alda contemplates the strange reaction that they cause amongst gentlemen. In traditional Alda style, it contains some absolutely bonkers lyrics. And it’s also got this very strange, very disturbing vocal sound from Alda herself in the middle eight, which we aren’t even going to begin to describe here. But you’ll know what we mean when you hear it.

You can listen to the song below. It is with great disappointment that we must point out that it’s actually not very good at all. But who cares about such a trivial matter – it’s a new Alda song! And did you ever think you’d see or hear those words? Plus, all proceeds from the downloads go towards Alda’s favourite breast cancer charity, hoping to raise awareness of breast cancer amongst young people.

Below that is a reminder of how great this woman really is.

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