(Don’t) Visit Oslo! says Maria Haukaas Storeng

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eurovision08 gal norwayThinking of visiting Oslo? But worried about the city’s reputation for being so expensive?

We think that the BBC probably commissioned Norway’s Eurovision 2009 participant, Maria Haukaas Storeng, to back up the theory that Oslo can be cheap, in her role as hostess for their video to promote said theory. However, all she really succeeds in doing, is not only fuelling Oslo’s reputation for being shockingly expensive, but also making it out to be far worse than it really is. She makes it sound IMPOSSIBLE to get by without being rich. Apparently you have to avoid the city centre at all costs. Your accommodation should be well outside the city, and if you fancy a beer, you should also stay on the outskirts too. If you want to visit Oslo, ‘’you need to have deep pockets’’ according to Maria.

So where should you go in Oslo if you are strapped for cash (not that you will be going if you are strapped for cash, after seeing this clip!)? Well one of Maria’s suggestions is to go to a park. Thanks Maria!

And we’re not commenting on the ‘’this area is a very colourful place because of all the immigrants’’ line that she comes out with!

We’re jesting with our negativity of course. She’s really sweet in it. But really – we spent a week in Oslo back in May for Eurovision, and it’s nowhere near as horrific as she’s making it out to be – and this in a video where she’s supposed to be doing the opposite! Bless her.

You can watch the clip and see some of the beautiful ‘’BUT VERY EXPENSIVE’’ Oslo at the BBC’s website here.

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