Bjørn Johan Muri: ‘Nobody Knows’

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BJM Nobody Knows

Bjørn Johan Muri is back with a brand new single, the latest from his album ’Airwaves’. You might remember him from Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix in 2010, when his song ‘Yes Man’ was one of the runners up, but actually ended up being the biggest hit in Norway out of all of the songs, including the winner.

His latest single is a duet with Kelly Mueller, ‘Nobody Knows’. It’s a super sweet ballad, dripping with dreamy synths, and with the simplest of melodies within the chorus. It’s like the audio equivalent of valium. In a good way of course. It’s not so much that it will send you to sleep, it’s more like that blissful minute or so when you’re just about to fall asleep, but have already started dreaming despite still being awake. Such a nice feeling.

Such a nice song too! As ballads go, it offers something a little alternative. We’re assuming that this is finishing off the ‘Airwaves’ era for Bjørn, and it’s rather a nice ending to what’s been a welcome introduction to him.

It’s got an adorably cute video to go along with it too, but Universal Music Norway haven’t gotten around to uploading it to youtube yet. Instead you have to watch it at their website here. Or you can just listen to the audio below.

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