Hair fore art thou Romeo?!

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Wow, we were flashed a nice surprise this morning whilst flicking through the Stockholm Metro newspaper. Not the news of Carola plotting her music comeback (although obviously that got us quite excited too). Not the advertisement for the event at which Alcazar, Darin, Velvet, and our new love Brolle are performing. No, it was something much better than all of that…………..

Måns Zelmerlöw has gone and got his chest hair out!

In the poster for his new musical Romeo & Julia, he appears with shirt unbuttoned a third of the way down his chest, and is sporting a subtle patch of man mane! Getting to use that as a pillow every night, is ranked up there with recording ‘Closer To Perfection’, in the list of things that we should all be envious of Marie Serneholt for!

Less fortunate about the picture though, is the quite frankly grotesque over usage of air brushing they’ve subjected Måns’ face to. We all know he’s as handsome as they come, so why they’ve felt the need to make him look like a gay cherub is beyond us. But regardless, the poster is still a treat for the eyes, for the reasons stated above.


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