So this new Aqua single is a bit brilliant, is it not?!

They premiered it online this morning, ahead of its worldwide release next Monday. Upon first listen we were surprised, as it wasn’t what we were expecting at all, although it was a pleasant surprise at that. It sounded a little bit Ke$ha and a little bit ‘Who’s That Chick’ by David Guetta and Rihanna. But still quite Aqua, given the presence of Lene and Rene’s eternally unique vocals. After a few listens though, we’ve decided that it’s actually VERY Aqua, in that it sounds precisely like what Aqua should sound like in 2011. The catchy melodies are there, the lyrical silliness, and the aforementioned vocals.

Until its release on next week, they’re streaming it over at their Facebook page, so you can go and have a listen for yourself.

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