Edith Backlund: ‘What I’ve Become’

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Edith press

Yes we know that it’s Friday afternoon and HARDLY the time for a soft ballad with meaningful lyrics, but this track has just stopped us in our tracks and so we just had to share.

It’s ‘What I’ve Become’ by Swedish songtstress, Edith Backlund, and it’s absolutely magnificent. It starts off as a very slow acoustic guitar ballad, and in all honestly we were actually going to turn it off after a few seconds as it’s just not where our head is at this afternoon (Stella Mwangi’s ‘Haba Haba’ had been playing previously, you must understand!). However, we’re so glad that we didn’t, as what follows on from the soft and laidback intro, is something utterly enchanting. The song builds and builds and builds, getting bigger and bigger as it progresses, until it draws to a close wrapped within a final crescendo of stunning instrumentation. It’s all very beautiful and extremely captivating. Capable of charming its way into your heart and rocking you to your very core – making you sad and elated concurrently within its four minutes. As well as the fantastic production and gripping lyrics, it also has an irresistible melody to it too.

You can stream ‘What I’ve Become’ in full below and then wander on over to her website for a FREE DOWNLOAD! Edith has been going since 2005 and released two albums and an EP. Her third full album is coming this Autumn.

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