America in Finland

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After giving Swedes a wake up call on morning television two weeks back with performances of two tracks from their new album, ‘Oh Alright’, Le Kid journeyed to Finland last week to sing for the masses! They performed ’America’ on a huge stage, to a massive (and also very receptive) crowd. ‘Twas all very grand. A scale which suits Le Kid very well, as you’ll see below. They should get used to this.

We’re NOT mentioning the chart position that ‘Oh Alright’ debuted at last week in Sweden. It doesn’t warrant or deserve a mention. HOWEVER, we do think that it’s finally time for the great Le Kid to stop concentrating their unappreciated efforts on Sweden. It’s time to look further afield. They’re an amazing band. They’re a number 1 band. It’s only a matter of time before everyone realises this and elevates them onto the pedestal that they were formed to rule. But Sweden is taking too long to open their eyes and ears to this concrete and undisputable fact. It’s inexcusable. WE all took much less time to draw these conclusions, didn’t we readers?! It’s pretty clear now that ONCE AGAIN, Sweden needs another country to ‘get’ a Swedish band before they do. It happened with Abba. It happened with Ace of Base. It’s happening again.

Go on Le Kid – brave those unknown waters, be heard over those foreign speaking airwaves, and clamber up the charts and hearts of those peculiar nations in the distance. You’ll be given a hero’s welcome upon your bountiful return, we promise.

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