A brand new Hassle

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Hark at a new Erik Hassle song!

The multi talented Swedish gent went and uploaded the song online last week for his fans to have a listen to. After a year of touring the world, most notably long stints in both the US and the UK, it’s nice to have him at a phase where he’s releasing new music rather than promoting old music.

The track is called ‘Taken (Still In My Blood)’. And we know it’s early days, but after a week of living with the song, we actually genuinely do believe that it’s one of the best things he’s ever done, second only to ‘Hurtful’ (and of course, the Wideboys remix of ‘Hurtful’!). It’s got this spellbinding juxtaposition of a plodding, regimented beat, married to sweeping and unpredictable melodies, strings, and guitars. A dark ballad that’s been tazered!

Lyrically it’s about not being able to get over an ex, despite thinking that you’ve moved on, tried other things, and even relocated to a new home town. It’s a sad ‘un!

You can have a listen below. And Erik being the all rounder he is, has even gone and filmed his own little video for it.

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