Last night’s X Factor final didn’t just crown a new winner for the show – it also repeated the X Factor final tradition known and loved in the UK, where each finalist gets to perform on stage with an established artist. Although the difference in Denmark, is that the act get to sing their current single too, before being joined by the contestant they’ve been paired with.

This means that last night we got to see the first TV performance of Alphabeat’s new single, ‘Vacation‘!

Given that this is Alphabeat, it was basically amazing. Not only did they bring their trademark colour and sprightliness to the stage, they also – since the song is called VACATION – made sure they were flanked by six super camp air hostess dancers. Kudos to them for knowing what we want, and kudos to them for giving it to us. On a grand scale.

After two minutes, ‘Vacation’ then turned into their old hit ‘The Spell’, on which they were joined by X Factor finalist Line.

(Ida went on to win the show last night. You can read more about her, and listen to her winner’s single ‘I Can Be’ here)

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