This week saw the return of the inimitable Nanne Grönvall, and the release of her new album ‘Drama Queen’ in Sweden (and you can get the CD from our store if you live outside of Sweden).

She’s done with the cover versions of her favourite rock tracks, and back doing her own very special and unique blend of pop. We’re not sure what you’d call it, so we reckon it’s no overstatement to label it as its own genre – NANNE POP – as you just can’t imagine any other artist putting out an album like this.

Highlight, for now, is the album’s title track, ‘Drama Queen’. A duet with none other than Lena Philipsson. It’s a proper kitchen sink schlager. Electro synth, a choir, a gothic film soundtrack-esque serving of strings, and a fabulous spoken word middle eight in which the two divas declare themselves to be attending a film premiere, demand to know where the champagne is, noting that they hope it’s free champagne – as that’s the best kind of champagne. Only Nanne could pull this off, and only Nanne could rope Lena Philipsson into coming on board too.

If you have Spotify, you can listen to the full thing below. If you don’t, then here’s the 90 second preview on iTunes;

[audio:|titles=Nanne & Lena Ph preview]

‘Drama Queen’ is out now, and has been released outside of Sweden too.



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