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Alphabeat have posted a blog on their myspace to clear up some of the confusion about their recent exit from EMI. Well really, they’ve just confirmed what we all knew anyway. But they DO say that they’ll be back later this year, which is good news at least.

Here’s the blog;

From: Alphabeat

Date: 20 Jan 2009, 10:09

Subject: Yesterdays News: ALPHABEAT DROPPED??! Nooooo way !

Body: Hallo everyone !

How are you all ? We hope you’ve all got off with a good start in this new year of 2000 and 9 ??!
You may have read rumours about us being dropped by EMI on several blogs in the last couple of weeks. Have we been dropped? Nope … But before X-Mas we had the opportunity to leave – and we did.
We (this means us – Alphabeat) sat down round a table before we went on X-Mas holiday and decided that we needed a change before starting recording our new album … and one of the major changes would be a new label !

We’re back in the UK and we’re happy to say that we’re signing with a new label as we speak … we write actually … and well … you read… Erhm … (?!%&#¤”?)
The point is:
1 – The year is 2009
2 – We’re still Alphabeat
3 – You’re still you
And 4 – We’re heading in to studio to start recording our new album as soon as possible ! We hope to release it during 2009 ….
Wooohooooooo ! Good stuff !

Well … This blog was just to let you all know that rumours are rumours and fact is fact … We hope to give you all some more fact by presenting our new label very soon !
We hope you got the point … We did : )
See you all soon !

x x x x x x
ALPHABEAT (3x Anders, Stine, Rasmus and Troels)

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