Introducing…….Mimi Oh!

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BinaryCacheServlet?albumid=1294932303541&datatype=fc300Modern synth music is wonderful. Not only when it’s sounding like 2011, but also when it’s paying homage to an earlier era of music. The 80’s in particular have been a hugely popular period of music for delving into, deciphering, and duplicating for the last ten years or so. That decade’s musical intricacies have been celebrated hugely. But now in Sweden, along comes an artist who has taken the practice not just a step forward, but a veritable leap!

Her name is Mimi Oh. And to say her music pays tribute to the 80’s is something of an understatement. It’s not that her music sounds like it’s celebrating that decade, it sounds like it was actually made in that decade too! Not only that, but her image, her hair, her make-up, the artwork for her single and EP, and most impressively of all, the video to the single too – they all look like they’ve been created and produced in the 80’s! Clever marketing perhaps in that it makes her stand out quite considerably from everybody else, but also in that it probably makes less of a dent in the marketing budget (see video below!), without it actually looking too cheap.

51MfG FfahL. SL500 AA280That all being said though, one instance demonstrates that they’ve actually been a bit TOO clever in all of this – either that or we’re just too stupid! We first saw the song ‘Kom Hit Och Dansa’ lingering around in the Swedish iTunes chart a couple of months back. Thinking it was something new, and something to investigate, we had a quick look online to see if we could have a listen. But once we searched, we were met with that artwork – and instantly assumed it was an old song from the 80’s, and left it at that, without listening! Now perhaps that’s just us, but we can’t help but wonder how many other people have done the same. We hope it is just us though, as we think that Mimi Oh is definitely worth a look and a listen!

So far she’s released her debut EP this year, called ‘1986’, and her debut single, ‘Kom Hit Och Dansa’.

And here’s that 80’s-tastic video we mentioned above;

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