Da Buzz: ‘U Gotta Dance’ (and this time around, we are!)

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After last year’s disastrous attempt at a comeback, our beloved Da Buzz are finally back on track (with a better view!) and getting things right again.

You may remember that they released ‘U Gotta Dance’ around summer last year. You may also remember that we hated it, and the fact that it had completely abandoned Da Buzz’s usual sound, in an attempt to be more current. Well it ended up sinking without a trace, and rightly so!

Now however, they’ve come back fighting. They’ve given ‘U Gotta Dance’ a remix, so that it sounds like a modern Da Buzz song as opposed to an ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor’ rip off, or worse, a ‘Pyromania’ rip off – two songs by Cascada which were themselves rip offs of Lady GaGa songs! It’s now a proper dance tune. Very Da Buzz, but with modern day influences like the new take on the Balearic sound that Inna is so fond of. And a bit like the new remix of Dilba’s ‘I’m Sorry’ too. THIS is a Da Buzz comeback we can happily, and WILL happily get behind. And it looks as though we aren’t the only ones either. Swedish tv channel, TV4, have taken the new edit of the song, and will use it as the theme song for this year’s series of Let’s Dance. It’s already appeared in the trailers for the show which starts this Friday. And as a result, the single is charting. It made a brief appearance in the Swedish singles chart last week, and is still bobbing up and down the iTunes top 100. We’re very glad to see Da Buzz’s good sense being rewarded with results! You can listen to a clip of the new version at this link here, plus in the Let’s Dance trailer below.

On top of this, it looks highly likely that they’ll be releasing a new album this Spring, albeit minus one member, Pier, who has left the band to concentrate on his other music project, Broken Door. We just hope that the new album is ‘U Gotta Dance’ v2.0 rather than v1.0!

Speaking of Let’s Dance, this FABULOUS image now greets us every time we go into our local underground station in Stockholm, in huge poster form. Contestants Jessica Andersson and Hannah Graaf having a bitch-off!


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