What’s this? Norwegian talent Dagny today releases the second part of her ‘Strangers / Lovers’ album.
Oooooh, what’s on it? The single ‘It’s Only A Heartbreak’, one interlude, and four brand-new tracks.
What are the new songs like? Well two of them are already going straight to the top of the already-quite-crowded pile of Dagny’s absolute best songs. ‘Bye Bye Baby’ is high-drama disco-pop that pumps with rushes of both the ethereal and the euphoric. ‘Please Look At Me’, meanwhile, is quite unlike anything else she’s done before. A more organic, rootsy production that’s been paired with a fast-paced vocal that borders on a chant in places. It screams HIT from every note – and we’re listening intently.
More from Dagny? Well we’d certainly suggest you check out part I if you’ve yet to! Oh yeah and she’s also off on a European tour – dates/tickets available on her website.

You can find ‘Bye Bye Baby’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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