(photo: Magnus Ragnvid)

What’s this? It’s a year of firsts for Swedish artist Patrik Jean. Earlier in the year he went and released his first up-tempo number, and now he’s gone and released his first track på svenska. Meaning those Swedes are going to be keeping one of their best vocalists all to themselves that little while longer. Hopefully not ‘För Alltid’, though.
What’s it like? It’s a straight-up r&b track on which he succinctly delivers a cracking great pop melody. If you’re still humming a tune long after its mere two minute and 26 second duration, you know you’re onto a winner, really.
Written by? Patrik himself, along with Elias Näslin.
More from Patrik? Check out something special, or perhaps it’s just ‘Prosecco‘.

You can find ‘För Alltid’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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