Those new Robyn songs – IN FULL!

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The new Robyn album has leaked, and is gushing its way around the whole of the internet as we type. Released officially later this month, ‘Body Talk’ is the final chapter of Robyn’s quite marvellous catalogue of 2010 album releases. Comprising five tracks from part one of the campaign, five tracks from part 2, and five brand new songs (the single ‘Indestructible’ and four new tracks we hadn’t heard before). But as of now, we can finally hear the new songs – they’re streaming below!

‘Time Machine’ is undoubtedly the shining jewel of the crown – and it’s a pretty spectacular jewel in a particularly amazing crown at that! It’s probably the most commercial sounding song of the whole three album project. Unashamedly pop, but with its roots firmly planted on the dancefloor. It’s a club track through and through. And it showcases a nice side to Robyn’s vocals also. As for the chorus – it’s WOW!

‘Call Your Girlfriend’ is another commercial crowd pleaser. It comes complete with one of those choruses that when Robyn gets it right, she gets it very right. It’s got a melody that wraps itself around your heart, and squeezes it to breaking point – similar to what she did in ‘Dancing On My Own’. And we love the effed up middle eight too.

‘Stars 4-Ever’ plays like a Kleerup production. It’s not the catchiest, melody wise, but it IS bloody fantastic. Quite beautiful, and with an air of fragility despite its pounding beats and synths.

‘Get Myself Together’ is the most fun track of the whole campaign. It’s a bouncey and happy song, with huge dance beats and a repetitive chorus. It wouldn’t have made any sense placed on any of the other two ‘Body Talk’ albums, but fits in very well with the other new tracks here.

You can stream ‘Get Myself Together’ here.

We LOVE these new songs. She’s saved the poppiest stuff until the end, as though she’s already proved herself and done exactly what she set out to do with the previous ‘Body Talk’ albums, and now she’s just letting her hair down and dancing away all of her earlier hard work. And we wanna join her!

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