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The wonderful ‘What A Night’ by the even more wonderful Lisette Vares is finally getting a release in Sweden. In December it’ll come out on PR Records, and about time too!

n39397015748 5154We met Lisette earlier this year at the afterparty of Melodifestivalen, where she accompanied her friend and student (she’s a vocal coach to the stars!) Jonathan Fagerlund. She then sent us her unreleased album, and it’s a great record, full of pop songs dolled up as dance music. She’s yet to have a major hit, despite having a couple of singles released, but it really is only a matter of time before she crosses over with a song that strikes a chord with the Swedish public and goes on to become hugely popular. Her heart is very much in this kind of music, and she loves making it. Plus, we hope that she continues making it for some time to come.

You can hear ‘What A Night’ over at her myspace page here. It was written by Tomas Skyldeberg, who was also responsible for the amazing ‘All About Me’ by the equally underrated Swedish dance diva, Jenny Bliss. ‘What A Night’ is a dreamy dance number with a chilled out verse and a massive chorus. Whilst you’re over at her myspace, we’d also suggest you listen to ‘I Karlekens Namn’ – the greatest Melodifestivalen entry that never was! It’s pure, unadulterated schlager music for the clubs. And it’s probably the song we’ve listened to most from her album. Very addictive stuff!

On top of all this, we also found this absolute gem on youtube recently! It’s Lisette’s girlband, eXposed, performing a version of Alcazar’s ‘Stay The Night’. It’s only audio unfortunately, no visuals. But it’s a treat nonetheless!

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