West End Girls & East End Boys

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There’s a new night out in London…..


Some people’s awareness of Scandinavian pop music begins and ends with Abba, A-Ha, and Aqua. Others have watched and loved the likes of Robyn, Annie, and BWO crossing over from being hidden gems to the saviours of Radio One and Radio Two over the last 12 months. There are some who’ll happily spend the night in the trendy and grimy clubs of East London to a soundtrack of The Knife, The Ark, and Lykke Li. While under the arches of the South London clubs, nothing triggers the GHB dosage like a blasting of Eric Prydz, Axwell, or Stonebridge. Then there are the young clubbers in the North of England who’ve appointed Basshunter and September as their new King and Queen. But as well as all of this, there are also a growing number of pop fans who, starved of their fix of sugary goodness from a desperately cool UK music industry, have migrated their musical purchases to the shores of Scandinavia – rich with gems from a large catalogue of Melodifestivalen and Melodi Grand Prix (Alcazar, Queentastic, Linda Bengtzing), Idol participants who’ve been afforded a record deal (Agnes, Ola, Marie Picasso), and best of all – the old Schlager Dames who have adopted the dance beat as their carer of choice (Carola, Kikki Danielson, Anna Book). No matter which category above you fall into, whether you realised it or not, we all love us some scandipop!


scandipop is a smiley and shiny new night out in London that promises to be more fun than downing a pint of pear cider, taking your clothes off, and jumping up and down on a trampoline singing along to ‘Dancing Queen’. And that’s an awful lot of fun boys and girls. Key change after key change played to a dancefloor of happy campers results in a non-attitude, friendly atmosphere, where everyone’s main aim is to have as much fun as is socially acceptable. And sometimes beyond.

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