We’re Touched!

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The arrival of a new Electric Lady Lab video is firmly regarded as an event here at scandipop.co.uk. Remarkable really, since the Danish synth duo have only produced three so far. But then they’ve already established themselves as a hugely exciting force not just sonically, but visually too.

And now comes a fourth video to add to their repertoire, and indeed cement that above recognition.

It’s the video for ‘Touch Me’. Fittingly, obviously, and reliably, a beautiful song gets a beautiful video treatment. First and foremost, it’s the presentation of the band members Stine and Martin. Stine comes across as half French film noir heroine, and half just plain heroine chic! An enticing yet unsatisfied nymphomaniac, frustrated in couture. And then there’s Martin. Sat on the end of a bed with top removed, and with that intricate labyrinth of ink etched onto his torso, neck, and arms. Divinity!

Most impressive of all though, is the touching homage that’s paid to a-ha – the group whose song ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV’ is so heavily sampled in ‘Touch Me’. In the video, we see Morten Harket’s animated character from a-ha’s iconic ‘Take On Me’ video find Stine, and drag her into his cartoon world – as fantasised by Stine herself.

We will cry if this band ever stops making music, or indeed, videos;

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