Welcome (back) To Medina

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The utterly fantastic in every way Medina, has re-recorded her latest Danish album in English! After the considerably huge success of the English translation of ‘Kun For Mig’, ‘You & I’ in Germany, it’s been decided that they shall strike while the iron’s hot, and unleash a whole album there. Bravo to the German label for not overthinking things, leaving it another year until she records a new album of totally new English songs, and releasing it long after everyone has forgotten what ‘You & I’ is. We love it when a label thinks on their feet.

So, as a result, THIS MONTH, Germany will get ‘Velkommen Til Medina’ in the guise of ‘Welcome To Medina’! Below is the cover, the tracklisting, and the song that made it all possible – ‘You & I’.

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01. Welcome to Medina
02. Addiction
03. Happy
04. In your arms
05. You and I
06. Lonely
07. Gutter
08. 6 am
09. Selfish
10. Even if
11. Execute me
12. You and I (Acoustic)

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